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Xbox Series X Games to be Officially Announced Soon With Few New Entries

Xbox Series X games to be officially announced soon, and you should expect some few new entries. Xbox Director, Phil Spencer, said in an interview with IGN that the Xbox Series X is about to announce its game lineup.

Meanwhile, there will be just few new entries at launch. Phil added, at launch, the Xbox One had eight new entries. He believes that more new games may not be helpful for the device. Although Phil only made reference to Xbox One eight new games at launch, there are speculations that the Xbox Series X will have less than eight new games at launch.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Specifications

Since we have already know the full specification of Microsoft next-gen console, having enough specs to crush the Sony PS5. What we don’t know yet is the price, no one knows what the world most powerful console Xbox Series X will cost.

Xbox Series X Full Specifications

We’ll keep you posted if Microsoft finally reveals the price. Meanwhile, what do you think about the Xbox Series X? Does this next-gen gaming console meet up with your expectations? Tell us in the comments box below.

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