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Xbox First-Party Games To Be Showcased In Late July According To Report

Microsoft’s July event will focus mostly on first-party games like Halo, Fable and more fresh report revealed.

Lately it was revealed that Microsoft may “Lay all the cards on the table” during July’s Xbox Series X Event’ which 343 Industry confirms Halo Infinite will be present.

It was also rumored during the Sony PS5 reveal that Xbox is rescheduling the Xbox digital event to August, for Sony to go first. Which Aaron Greenberg Xbox marketing manager said they haven’t pushed anything back; that they still stick with July Xbox Digital Show Event showcase.

Microsoft May "Lay All The Cards on The Table" During July's Xbox Series X Event' Insider Revealed; 343 Industry Confirms Halo Infinite Will Be Present

According to Windows Central’s Jez Corden, Microsoft will focus mostly on first-party software showcase and it is set to happen in late July. Specifically, Corden expects the event to drop the week of July 20. Since it’s unlikely Microsoft would do their big reveals on a weekend, the event should take place somewhere between July 20 and July 24.

Literally it means that we should not put your hope high, for the focus will be on software, so don’t get excited for an early Xbox Series S reveal.

Corden claims the gameplay footage that will be shown has already been recorded (and being received well by those who have already seen it). Of course fans will get to see more actual gameplay after fans criticized Microsoft’s May software showcase for featuring too many cutscene-heavy trailers Greenberg promised 3rd party titles coming in July.

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