Who We Are

Dintol is a Tech and Entertainment website. We cover news, reviews, previews and everything else related to gaming, technology and entertainment. Right here, you’re going to be getting all the information you need on a lot of pretty cool stuffs includes all sorts of Tech, Games on all platforms and movies rapping with TV-Shows. We are carefully trying to build a reputation for creating the strongest, most engaging content surrounding the nerd culture!

Here are the people behind the site:

Theophilus C. Muoka (CEO/Founder):

Theophilus is the brain behind Dintol. He makes sure all the content posted on this site is of the highest possible quality. He’s a gamer, movie freak, want to get his attention? Engage him in a conservation related to Money Heist and Power, he does not joke with these TV-Shows. He loves playing video games with his free time. Oh, almost forgot to mention this; his favourite video game is Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, he has played twice all the chapters in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. If you need help as a beginner? you can contact him for tutorials and guides.

Isa Muh’d (Co-Founder/Chief Editor):

Editor in chief dintol

There isn’t much to know about this guy, really. But if you must know, well, he’s a self proclaimed eccentric, Perennial introvert, writing coach and author of one book. Having an in-depth knowledge and experience in Android gaming and creative writing. Seeing movies, listening to pop music, exercising, cooking and spending time in solitude to read are part of his hobbies. Oh and lastly but not least, he is a humanitarian.

Rose Chelsey (Staff):

She’s too intelligent, too resourceful for anyone to be able to take charge of her entirely. Everyone wants a woman who is strong, gentle, educated, humble, fierce and can be compassionate, so passionate and disciplined. This is what her life is, she’s trying to be the best she can. She love doing a lot of stuff, dancing, seeing movies and playing some video games. Super Smash Bros is one of her favourite.