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WhatsApp Will Be Getting Animated Stickers Just Like Facebook Messenger

The company has begun testing on beta versions (v2.20.194.7) for Android and iOS for the first time as stated by WaBetainfo (v2.20.70.26).

Users must register in their respective app stores in the beta program and have the feature on the versions above mentioned.

WhatsApp Animated Stickers: What can we expect?

As for the update, three sections of the feature are stated to be disabled for animated stickers.

Nevertheless, the new beta has only made it possible for users to look at animated objects.

Given that this function should be implemented by the company to selected users, few users may not see the feature in the app even though it is beta-long.

The other two pieces are capable of importing stickers from third parties and downloading some from the WhatsApp shop.

WhatsApp Is Finally Getting Animated Stickers

Although it may take time for the other two features to get to the beta, stable versions have to wait for some time. In addition, the beta has no sticker loop.

Which means that users who get the animation must always tap it to play the animation. However, no details exists whether in future versions WhatsApp repeats the animations.

If we know, this feature was rumoured earlier to carry Telegram to the competitor. Nevertheless, the company worked further to include purchases, multi-device connectivity and more.

More emphasis on First and Third-party developers

WhatsApp Is Finally Getting Animated Stickers

Just a few users could submit animated stickers according to reports. And if the recipient has turned on the first part of their beta, he could read, save and send it to a creator.

Moreover, the latest beta edition has five animated sticker packs in AndroidPolice faulty. They are Playful Piyomaru, Rico’s Sweet Life, Happy Foodies and Chummy Chums.

In other words, it seems unusual to submit animated stickers and limited to a few creators at present.

Therefore, consider yourself fortunate if you are on the beta version.

Others should download and try their luck on the APK externally. Otherwise, you can just wait for it.

The messenger works to get developers from a third party to enforce them more thoroughly and avoid vulnerabilities like the one recently discovered on their invitation codes.

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