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The Witcher: Here’s The Real Reason Why Nilfgaard Wants To Capture Ciri

Nilfgaard targeted Cintra and Ciri in the first season of Netflix’s The Witcher, so why is Nilfgaard going after her?

The Witcher first debut on Netflix in December 2019 on the basis of the series of books of the same name by Andrej Sapkowski.

The show was one of the most awaited TV shows of the year and may be the biggest TV season ever.

Nilfgaard targeted Cintra and Ciri in the first season of The Witcher. Reason why Nilfgaard really wants to capture Ciri

This is not shocking, though, that Netflix has chosen to renew it before it was renewed for a second season.

The creative team behind Witcher wanted to approach this universe unconventionally and tell the stories of three characters set in various locations and ages, which will finally intersect at the end of the season.

Such characters are the enhanced monster hunter Geralt (Henry Cavill), the powerful celestial sorcerer Yennefer of Vengerbeg (Anya Chalotra), and the crown princess Cintra Ciri (Freya Allan), which was aimed at exploring her abilities.

Aside from the many monsters Geralt encountered during the first season, the characters had to face a greater threat: the Nilgaardian people and their merciless attack on Cintra.

The story of Ciri and The Witcher started with her escape from Cintra when Nilfgaard attacked and hidden from them all the season.

Nilfgaard targeted Cintra and Ciri in the first season of The Witcher. Reason why Nilfgaard really wants to capture Ciri

As The Witcher ‘s world is very large, it certainly was not enough for a season to describe anything and spectators wondered why Nilfgaard was following her.

Fortunately, books are given the response and the audience is in for a great surprise if it wants to follow her story closely.

Ciri is the Queen Calanthe’s granddaughter and Lord Urcheon of Erlenwald ‘s daughter Pavetta and Duny a.k.a. The parents of Ciri died and Calanthe was born and as she grew she gained strength.

Now Nilfgaard ‘s interest in caught Ciri stems from a great family twist, and her father is involved.

Although Duny presented himself as Erlenwalds Lord Urcheon, in reality he was Nilfgaard’s Emperor Emhyr Var Emreis, known as the ‘White Flame.’

Cintrans believed he was dead, but he returned to Nilfgaard and took the throne. Emhyr believed in Ithinne ‘s prophecy that the son of Emhyr would inherit the Elder Blood and rule the Continent.

Now Ciri has Elder Blood, who gives her powers, despite her family history, and it’s been prophetic that her child will be the world ruler.

The Witcher Reason Why Nilfgaard Really Wants To Capture Ciri Dintol.com

This suggests that Nilfgaard is so hopeless to get Ciri because Emhyr would like her to bear her child, which would never have been approved by Calanthe.

It is uncertain if it would follow this tale and introduce the big twist in season 2 (or later) or whether Duny and Emhyr will be treated like two separate characters.

Netflix’s The Witcher has already alluded to the prophesied and “The White Fire” Nevertheless Ciri remains the target for Nilfgaard, but when she and other witches are educated in season 2 she definitely can fight them.

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