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Snapdragon 865 Plus Launch Is Likely Around the Corner Bringing Higher CPU & GPU Frequencies

In April, the Meizu smartphone partner of Qualcomm said the 865 Plus of the Snapdragon will not be produced. The manufacturer of chipsets may want to focus more on Snapdragon 875.

Nonetheless, one tipster claims it’s still on cards and it’s just around a corner to the Snapdragon 865 plus launch.

Leakster Has Also Shared an Image, Implying That an Upcoming ASUS ZenFone Model Might Feature the Snapdragon 865 Plus

A few Geekbench 5 screenshots by the tipster called Digital Chat Station have been shared.

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He believes that the Snapdragon 865 Plus has higher clock speeds for both CPUs and GPUs, which are normal in all imaginary parts.

See the 855 Plus Snapdragon and compare it to the 855. The only thing is that the Snapdragon 855 Plus is released with higher CPU frequencies and GPU frequencies.

In the screenshots shared by Digital Chat Station the differences in scores of two smartphone models can also be observed.

One screenshot shows the scores obtained from the Xiaomi Mi 10, which, as a year earlier, simply runs the 865 Snapdragon.

The other could be an ASUS ZenFone unnamed and, as you can tell, the highest values achieved with this model would indicate that a Snapdragon 865 Plus could be used.

But here’s a little twist before you get excited. The Digital Chat Station also shared the processor’s clock speed.

A value of 3.09 GHz is shown on the first picture, which is equal to the frequency of the ROG Phone 3 because the Snapdragon 865 is overclocked, and not Snapdragon 865 Plus.

At that point, we might say it is the same, but if ASUS did not specify the silicone as “Snapdragon 865 plus,” it would be wrong for the Digital Chat Station to find it.

Do you think, however, that the Snapdragon 865 will still be released on the road by Qualcomm? In the comments, please tell us your thoughts.

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