Our Investment/Trading Programs

Participate in our Investment/Trading programs and earn coins.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies, Crypto-related projects and top Crypto talent.

Be part of one of the most profitable revolutions in the history of the world, with the Crypto investment specialists.

Choose your suitable investment plan.


2% Daily Profit for 15 Days

$5 - $5

Minimum Investment


2% Daily Profit for 15 Days

$50 - $50

Minimum Investment


1% Daily Profit for 30 Days

$100 - $100

Minimum Investment


2% Daily Profit for 15 Days

$500 - $500

Minimum Investment


2% Daily Profit for 15 Days

$1000 - $1000

Minimum Investment

Kindly Note That:

* Your principal investment and interest rate return are secured and guaranteed under all our investment packages. No matter what Investment Program you choose, you will get 100% principal back at the end of the program

* You can also start with a low minimum investment amount. You only need $100 to start an investment account. We offer Pre-term contract cancellation service – you can cancel your contract and take back your initial deposit before investment plan expiration.

Minimize Loss by trading Cryptocurrencies using signals from our experienced brokers and analysts.

Want to learn how to trade coins with minimal loss?

Choose a suitable trading plan and unlock endless trading profits using our trade signals.


10% Deposit Bonus

No Risk Free Trade

No Training

No Free Signal

Junior Broker

24/7 Support


15% Deposit Bonus

5x Risk Free Trade

Basic Training

Expert Signals

Professional Broker

24/7 Support


20% Deposit Bonus

10x Risk Free Trade

Full Training

Premium Signals

Executive Broker + Analyst

24/7 Support

Kindly Note That:

* Upon confirmation of your deposit, your account will automatically be credited with your Deposit Bonus based on your selected Trading Plan. You will be added to our Slack and Telegram Channels where you will get Trade Signals and Trainings. You will also be assigned to a mentor who you can reach out to directly in the event of any issues or use any of our support channels.