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Pascal’s Wager Now Available On Android

One of the most anticipated games on mobile in 2020 is Pascal’s Wager. The game was announced to arrive on Android in June when it was released on iOS in January.

Pascal’s Wager will hit Google PlayStore from developer Tipsworks on June 25th, as developers have confirmed.

Pascal's Wager Now Available On Android
We were able to see the gameplay and its mechanics in trying the game on iOS. And Pascal’s Wager is both fun and stupid at the same time, from what we have seen in its gameplay.

It has a fascinating history, a Dark RPG Action. We might be looking for one of the best android adventure games.

In addition, unfamiliar controls make playing a bit challenging. Maybe for Android users controls will differ a bit.

Pascal's Wager Now Available On Android
In order to pass a level, you will have to get used to certain assault models, manage your endurance gage and keep an eye on your level of panic, as it rises very frequently because of the dark horrors you will encounter.

It’s going to be a premium title when it hits the Playstore. However, the good news, on the other hand, is that the launch will cost just $3.99. This also makes it cheaper on Android cheaper than iOS.

Pascal's Wager Now Available On Android

The entire game is offline. This means that Internet connection is NOT required to roam the dark world of Pascal’s Wager and reveal the mysteries that lie therein.

According to its creators, the offer of $3.99 will continue for a limited time., So you want to go quickly and download the game. You can download it from the Google Playstore and enjoy.

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