Netflix Says It Will Commence Cancelling Inactive Account Subscriptions

The streaming giants (Netflix) revealed on Thursday that it will begin to ask consumers who did not make use of their platform in the past year whether they want to keep their subscriptions.

If no customer reacts, or responds, Netflix will cancel the subscription automatically.

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The move is very unusual between enterprises charging an annual subscription and shows confidence in the value offered by Netflix for customers.

It can also help Netflix stand out against the inflow of new rivals, including Disney+, a free ad-supported tier, NBC Universal’s Peacock and the coming HBO Max from WarnerMedia.

We ask everyone who for a year has not seen anything at Netflix since their membership is confirmed to them. And for everyone who has been watching for more than two years, we’ll do the same

Says Eddy Wu, Product Innovation Director in a statement.

Although inactive clients are beginning to watch the function complete this week via in-app notices or e-mails.

Netflix reported that its inactive accounts account and financial guidance are now less than half of one percent of its overall membership base.

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In the past year, the company experienced an enormous increase among subscribers because of the coronavirus pandemic. At the end of the first quarter, Netflix registered 183 million subscribers.

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