Legacies Finale: Show ends with complicated twists

As a lot of us already know, the current pandemic known as Convid-19 has been putting on hold a ton of activities over the past weeks due to the self Isolation law that was imposed in all affected countries and locations.

While only certain movie releases have been reported to be postponed due to the pandemic, it appears that some TV shows have also been urged to put a stop to production until the virus has been well contained.

And on of the shows is CW’s Legacies. The showrunners initially had no intention of ending the show on such a short notice, but with the increase of infected persons of Convid-19 in the US, a spring finale was put in place.

The finale ended with Hope, stuck inside of Josie’s subconscious, a fairytale world where magic is forbidden. Funny looking pigs are sort of the main attractions and usual rules don’t exactly in such world.

In lieu of a kiss, Hope decided to conquer the darkness threatening Josie’s subconscious the best way she knows how — by kicking its ass. Her first battle was against the Big Bad Wolf, who gobbled up Hope’s piggy sidekick before she slayed the beast via an axe to the back. Then came a few surprises: After cutting the pig out of the wolf’s belly, we learned that he was actually Josie in disguise. “I can’t have someone else get hurt because of me,” she said, urging Hope to flee her subconscious. But it was too late; Dark Josie infiltrated her own mind in the form of a Once Upon a Time-y evil queen, sending them both heading for the hills.

As Josie explained to Hope, Caroline used to read fairytales to her and Lizzie when they were little, hence the theme of her subconscious world. And that’s exactly what Hope reminded Josie that this was her world. She made the evil version of herself more powerful in her mind, so if she convinces herself that good can prevail, they could all live happily ever after.

In the end, Hope was able to overcome the darkness by winning a battle against the big bad wolf. Although, Hope was not able to get out of the fairytale world. But while she was stuck in Josie’s world, Rafael came clean to Alaric about murdering Landon, begging Alaric to put him out of his misery.

Alaric refused, then the Necromancer took control, telling his puppet to bring Alaric to his lair. Then he proposed a temporary truce; he would bring back everyone he killed (including Landon.) if Lizzie did a spell to transfer Josie’s dark magic into to him.

Pretty much everyone kept their promises, but if you’ve seen season 1 of legacies, then you’d know that the season 2 finale ended with a complicated twist. Landon is still lying unconscious, hope also remains asleep.

At the moment we do not have an exact date when we’ll be getting the remaining episodes of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals spinoff. Or this may just be the finale. Although Julie plec said the musical episode would be next, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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