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itch are giving out 742 Games For As Low As $5 Bucks In Support For Racial Equality And Justice are giving out 742 Games For As Low As $5 Bucks In Support For Racial Equality And Justice has organized the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality in what is possibly the best deal we’ve ever heard of as far as indie games are concerned.

It is a minimum donation for as cheap as $5 which gets you 742 items from 564 different creators, that is a lot of games for one person.

The detailed contents was run by the gamut from quirky experiments and games in full development to complete released, critically acclaimed indies.

It contains both Console games and Interactive format tabletop games that you can enjoy on your Laptop.

The royalties from the bundle will go straight to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Community Bail Fund in support of today’s anti-police brutality protest, anti-racist, that are calling for justice around the world.

The grim reaper simulator Death and Taxes released recently is also included. A Mortician ‘s Tale, Overland, Super Hexagon, Verdant Skies, The Night Fisherman, Dorfromantik, Beacon, and Quadrilateral Cowboy are more that are likely going to be amongst the games.

You might as well be getting great mileage from Mausritter, Lancer, Blades in the Dark and Troika in the tabletop RPG department. All four of those games are well-fitted for virtual tabletop.

There are highly interesting and addictive games that you could play for a really long time. You can find the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality on

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