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Henry Cavill May Be Getting Another Character As The 2nd Geralt Of Rivia In The Witcher Series

While a lot of fans out there were super excited to have their favourite hero rise up once again to play the role of the protagonist in Netflix’s Witcher Series, it seems that that excitement will have to be cut short after season one.

Latest reports claims that the streaming giants are getting ready to let go of Henry Cavill and bring in a new actor as the protagonist of the acclaimed video game sensation.

The Witcher season 2 is already in the works, but the question in everyone’s mind is, will the Henry Cavill return as the Geralt in Witcher season 2?

Henry Cavill Might Just Be Getting Replaced As The Infamous Geralt Of The Witcher Series

Right now, production for literally 70-85% of movies and tv series is at a halt due to the coronavirus. But Netflix are definitely planning ahead and will try to commence production as soon as things get back to normal.

The year 2020 seems to be a complicated one for Henry Cavill, after appearing on mission impossible, it’s unsure if the the justice league hero will return to the film series starring Tom Cruise.

Also, after several rumours came out about Henry Cavill no longer wanting to play the role of superman, it seems that’s about to change as well, because recent reports claim that Henry Cavill will return again as the powerful superman and likely reprise his role in the justice league.

Considering how Dwayne Johnson also hopes to see Cavill return as Superman, it’s safe to say that Henry Cavill may have dumbed the Witcher role and return to playing superman for good. Because let’s be honest, Cavill really doesn’t fit the role of the Geralt.

And with all that being said, Netflix are yet to make an open statement about the replacement (which they likely won’t).

Henry Cavill himself is yet to any open statement, but if there’s one thing he made clear recently, it’s that he loved playing the role of superman and he would love to continue doing so.

Henry Cavill Might Just Be Getting Replaced As The Infamous Geralt Of The Witcher Series

There is also going to be a new Witcher added to the series. Not to replace Cavill, but probably fight alongside him. The name of this Witcher is Hemrik. And will be played by Joel Adrian.

For now we have no idea the next big star whom Netflix plans on casting as the Witcher, but it’s probably going to be somebody we’re familiar with. And when we do, we’ll definitely feed you guys with all the updates.

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