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GTA V Actor Warn Fans to Stop Listening to Rumors & Speculation About The Next GTA 6

Alot rumors have been flying for the past months about the RockStar Games next Grand Theft Auto next installment. Lately 4Chan leaks that the game will be announced by RockStar Games on March 25th which turns out to be a fat lie.

The GTA V actor Ned Luke, who voiced Michael De Santa, has told fans to stop falling for “clickbait” and rumors about new GTA games, simply because no one outside of RockStar Games has any information about what’s in store.

GTA Actor Warn Fans to Stop Listening to Rumors & Speculation About The Next GTA 6

We all are victims of this false leaks and we writers have been deceived uncountable times regarding these falsely leaks in the internet. Thanks to Luke who voiced out and caution us all.

In an Instagram live chat with fellow GTA V actor Shawn “Solo” Fonteno (Franklin Clinton). (The live chat video was later posted on Twitter by OhMrZvck) Luke said:

They said that GTA VI is going to be based in Vice City; how do these people get all this information about what’s gonna be what? People, do you not understand – do not believe anything that you see on the internet from, you know, Boss Man Fuck the World or whatever his name is or any of those guys. Don’t listen to those guys – they have no inside information, they’re just clickbait. And if you hear it from Rockstar, then you know.

Another rumor recently resurfaced, claiming that actor Jorge Consejo is involved in the next entry. Consejo’s official resume listed his role as “The Mexican” in a new GTA game but the actor refused to comment on speculations.

Luke didn’t mention if the game is in the work or not, for now no one knows anything about the Grand Theft Auto next installment, so don’t believe or fancy all these rumors roaming around the internet. Till RockStar Games says otherwise. Stay safe guys!

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