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Galaxy Note 20 Will Come With A Flat-Screen And A Camera Similar To That Of S20 Ultra

A recent leak confirms that the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 20 has a flat shaped display.

A lot of users have been eagerly awaiting the change, although, the soon expensive version of the Note 20 might just let the curved edges remain.

It is no doubt that Samsung holds incredible power in it’s hands, seeing how it depends on its decision on which route the stylus devices will go.

Galaxy Note 20 Will Come With A Flat-Screen And A Camera Similar To That Of S20 Ultra

Not to mention the fact that the Koreans are literally holding the entire market for this sort of smartphone and have no solid competitors.

While the Galaxy Note series remains a reference in its boastful category, Samsung has decided that the Galaxy Note 20 series will enter a new track in 2020.

The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ will have a ton of new features, of course. But the most important change that users will notice is going to be the shape of their respective screens.

Below is the Galaxy Note 20 specs

The Galaxy Note 20 will have an Exynos professor 992, around 4180 and 4370mAh battery, and it’s screen will be 120 Hz refresh rate combined with a FHD+ resolution.

Galaxy Note 20 Will Come With A Flat-Screen And A Camera Similar To That Of S20 Ultra

As for its camera, the back will have 108 MP main camera (Samsung ISOCELL HM1 sensor), 1/1.33. 12 MP wide-angle, 1/2.55.

13 MP periscope telephoto lens, 50X zoom, 1/3.4laser autofocus instead of ToF 3D sensor.

Both devices will be made of glass and they’re going to be waterproof. From cameras are rumoured to be hidden inside the centred hole. The leaked price for the most expensive version of the Galaxy Note 20+ is said to be around $1699.

Samsung are reportedly gearing up for renewing the next iteration of Galaxy Note and Galaxy Fold devices. A recent report from South Korea has said that the company will unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series and the Galaxy Fold 2 in the very first week of August.

Source: Gizchina

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