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Final Fantasy VII Remake To Be Third Best-Selling PS4 Exclusive on PSN

No doubt the Final Fantasy VII Remake has been performing tremendously when it comes to sales isn’t exactly unexpected, given the immense hype surrounding the remake of the most iconic Final Fantasy game ever made.

According to Gamstat, the PlayStation Network API tracking website, Final Fantasy VII Remake already managed to get 2.3 million players in the first three days since its release. This should amount to a nearly identical digital sales figure, though Square Enix has not revealed any official details for now.

So far, Final Fantasy VII Remake is only behind the two biggest first-party PlayStation 4 games to date, Marvel’s Spider-Man by Insomniac and God of War by Sony Santa Monica. The friendly neighborhood Marvel hero already had 3 million players in the first three days since its launch, while the latest Nordic adventure of Kratos registered 2.4 million players in the same period of time, according to Gamstat.

Although Final Fantasy VII Remake won’t be a PlayStation 4 exclusive forever; we already know there’s a one-year exclusivity period, and there’s already an evidence of a PC version.

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