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Facebook Is Releasing Dark Mode Feature For iPhones and iPads

Facebook has finally started releasing a dark mode theme for iPhones and iPads. The feature is available to a limited number of users on iOS so far. Facebook has previously released dark mode for Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook Is Releasing Dark Mode Dark Mode iOS iPhones and iPads

Facebook has been sluggish lately in rolling out this dark mode features for everyone. The company just recently launched a complete redesign for its website, along with a dark mode.

The few lucky users who have been able to get their hands on the new dark mode in Facebook have shared some screenshots on Twitter.

No official date for global release of the feature yet, but Facebook made a comment via Social Media Today that “a small percentage of users globally right now” have access to the new dark theme for now. They did not confirm when the rollout will complete.

Facebook Is Releasing Dark Mode Dark Mode iOS iPhones and iPads

Meanwhile the primary reason for the global release is to avoid bugs that’s the main reason it allows few people to test and give feedback before the official/global release.

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