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Epic Games Release Free Online Services to Help Devs Build Cross-Platform, Multiplayer Games

Yesterday Epic Games launched its Epic Online Services SDK, a free toolkit (built on the back of Fortnite) developers can use to create cross-platform multiplayer game systems.

Such as matchmaking, lobbies, and friends lists that span consoles, PC, and (soon) mobile. Developers can selectively choose which backend services to use and what platforms and account services to support.

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The list includes major names like Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo as well as Facebook, Discord, and of course Epic accounts.

Epic chief Tim Sweeney also commented….

“What we get out of Epic Online Services is building up a persistent userbase that transcends platform boundaries, right,”

“The bargain is we give every developer access to the full Fortnite player base and social connections, and that way when people who have played Fortnite come into their game they can immediately connect with all their friends. And not have to rebuild a friend system in every multiplayer game that launches.”

More to that, developers can find more details about the Epic Online Services toolkit and what it offers over on the Epic website.

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