Empire Season 6 Finale: The Lyon Family Got A Happy Ending After All

If you’ve been following up the sensational fox series over the years then you’d know that things didn’t go as initially planned for the finale.

In previous episodes of the season 6, we saw flashforward scenes where Lucius Lyon was shot and killed, while cookie was blown up in her car.

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Those events were set to happen three months from the present.

But unfortunately, due to the coronavirus and the number of increase in cases, fox ordered a quick wrap on the series.

Empire Season 6 Finale: The Lyon Family Got A Happy Ending After All

Initially the final season was supposed to have 20 episodes, which would’ve eventually involved both lucious and cookie dying in the end, but due to the coronavirus, production had to be brought to an end.

Director, Lee Daniels decided to wrap things up in the 18th episode, making it the final episode of the series.

Fox was firm on their decision to bring the series to an end due to the coronavirus which led them to the cancellation of episode 19 and 20.

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The sudden closure saw the Lyon Family get a happy ending after all the things they’ve done. Lucious and cookie were back together.

Andre got over Kingsley’s control, Hakeem remained… Hakeem, but there was no sign of Jamal throughout the season 6 of the hit series.

While a lot of viewers were left dissapointed, the show runners made sure they gave viewers a happy ending where everybody smiles and goes home, even if some questions remain unanswered.

Lee Daniel’s Empire isn’t the only show that was hurriedly wrapped up due to the circumstance.

Some other fox shows were forced to wrap things up as fast as they can as well.

For now there is no news wether the Lyons will return for a seventh season, but Fox made it clear that the sixth season would be the last time we’ll see the Lyon family.

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