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Doom Eternal Looks Great On Google Stadia But Suffers From Input Lag; According to Digital Foundry

After Stadia users witnessed some delays of Doom Eternal arrival, now the game is finally out on Stadia, players can now enjoy one of the best shooting game ever made. The Stadia was put to test lately unfortunately the results was not as cool as expected.

The Digital Foundry have put Stadia’s latest to the test, and the results were disappointing, the game looks great on Stadia but the lag is just too high. Before we go on.. let’s have a look at the test video below.

Source: Digital Foundry

Visually, the Stadia version of Doom Eternal is roughly the same experience as you would get on the Xbox One X, delivering 1800p resolution and similar effects and textures. That said, the detail and resolution of some distant objects has been reduced to more closely resemble what you’d see on base consoles like the Xbox One S. Stadia manages to maintain a mostly-stable 60fps with only occasional stuttering.

Unfortunately, contrary to Google’s grand promises, input latency is a fairly major problem for the Stadia version of Doom Eternal. Compared to the Xbox One X, there’s an additional 19-to-24-frame delay on Stadia, which translates to 79 to 100 milliseconds of lag.

You may thought this is not much so it doesn’t matter, but in an action-packed best shooter game like Doom Eternal, it really matters alot.

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