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Call of Duty Warzone Official Trailer Released Here’s Few Things You Need To Know

Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward have finally, officially released a trailer for a brand-new battle royale mode called Warzone. Well, game is way more fantastic than we expected. C’mon have a look at the trailer below.

Call of Duty Warzone Trailer Released Here’s Few Things You Need To Know

Warzone will be cross platform and free-to-play. That means you won’t need a copy of Modern Warfare, released last August, to dive in. Also keep in mind that Call of Duty fans that purchased the last year Modern Warfare will have access to exclusive character skins and customized weapons.

As said, there are some added complexities, but in other ways Infinity Ward seems to have simplified the mode. Loot spills all over the ground, ARPG-style, so there’s no rooting around in inventories and putting yourself in a vulnerable position; you won’t be able to loot attachments, though they will appear in supply drops; there’s health regen, and you can protect yourself further by equipping up to three pieces of armour right away.

This is everything you ever wanted, 150 players, one massive world, two epic modes, bigger, crazier and free welcome to Warzone. The Battle Royal will be available for everyone on March 10th.

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