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Avatar The Last Airbender Races Past Riverdale, The Flash, And Others To Top The List As The Most Popular Netflix Series In The US

Avatar: The Last Airbender has shot up its charts after a few days on Netflix. It now ranks as the first title on Netflix and the most successful Netflix TV series in the US.

Licensed titles are rarely on the top but it is particularly nice to see Avatar. During the Netflix showed curiosity in the future of the franchise, The Last Airbender reached top spot.

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On 19 May 2020, Netflix US was ranked at the top of its series and has been ranked number one since 20 May and 21 May now.

On 15 May 2020, the show was released by Netflix US. First airing back on Nickelodeon in 2005 was the iconic Nickelodeon kids show. As we mentioned, Netflix will be making a live action series with the original creators in the coming couple of years.

The show knocks Dead to Me from the top spot after its second season, on 8 May 2020, was at the top spot on the US (and other regions).

Since 20 May the show has been at the top of the charts.

The series has not seen a significant growth in other countries in spite of its rise in the United States.

We broadcast Avatar: The Last Airbender in most countries, but we wondered if a social media conversation would increase the shows worldwide. It seems like this is not the case.

This will, of course, allow calls for Netflix to pick up the next movie, Korra Legend, which is currently not being released on Netflix. Nonetheless, in the last week, Netflix’s NX page remembered at least that it existed.

You can monitor the top Netflix titles in several regions with our most popular pages that update the most popular titles every two hours.

We will add more features over time, including ways to see the success and hopefully to track the success of the shows.

Are you glad that Avatar: Netflix America’s Last Airbender is at the top? Let us know below in the comment section.

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