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Apple iPhone 13 and Next Year iPad Will Start Using USB-C Port

The Recent iPhone 13 mockups showed that 2021 iPhone and iPad models will sports USB C port.

Apple will adjust the interface of the new iPhone (which may be called iPhone 13) and iPad from 2021, so that these devices sports the USB-C Port to ensure higher compatibility charging system.

Lately, Japanese media reported that Apple’s fourth-generation iPad Air will be equipped with a USB-C interface to replace the “lightning” interface. Apple first used the USB-C on the iPad Pro released in 2018, but other iPad models still use the “lightning” interface.

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Analysts said that for Apple, switching from the “lightning” interface to USB-C is not the ultimate choice. Apple’s ultimate goal is to truly achieve no interface, that is, no longer retain the iPhone’s charging interface, replaced by wireless charging in the true sense.

Previously, words on the street claims that Apple may provide a “complete wireless experience” for high-end iPhones in 2021. This phone supports wireless charging and uses Smart Connector for data transmission.

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For me this may not be actually a good idea, reason..after changing to the USB-C interface, the previous “Lightning” interface data line product line will be substantially canceled, which means that the relevant patent licensing fees will be lost, and Apple will directly lose tens of billions of dollars in accessories every year profit.

In Q1 this year EU passed legislation to promote the unification of smartphone interfaces, namely the USB-C. The unified USB-C Port can not only improve convenience, but also reduce the generation of electronic waste.

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