About Us

About Dintol Platform

Dintol is a social forum platform where you can earn by helping small businesses and organisations reachout to as many customers as possible using your social media platforms. Its a win win for everybody.

At Dintol, we undertake the onerous task of taking risk on your behalf. We harness the funds you invest with us and properly put it to work using our carefully selected business tools comprising of both online and offline enterprises.

Our goal is to leave you beaming with smiles while we work on your behalf hence our motto invest and smile. 

In our bid not to put all eggs in one basket, we felt the need to operate both online and offline business modules. By so doing, in the event of a downtime (If any), your ROI is guaranteed. With Dintol, it's a WIN - WIN for you

Dintol is powered by Pynith Limited (RC 1526865), a registered company engaged into social welfare and charity outreach.

The platform is design to empower the youths and to bring about employment to many willing to work with Pynith Limited.