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Apple Is Making It’s Own Game Controller For The 2020 Apple TV To Help Push Apple Arcade User Base

Report revealed that 2020 Apple TV will sports an A12X Bionic (no doubt the device performance is going to be a top notch). Apple will most likely market the Apple TV as the platform with which it wants to popularize its Apple Arcade service.

With a box that packs such power will need something to rap it with. A new report claimed Apple is preparing to bring in its own game controller for the 2020 Apple TV.

Apple Is Preparing To Bring It’s Own Game Controller For The 2020 Apple TV

There aren’t any design details for the game controller provided, but Jioriku is under the impression that Apple is apparently working on the accessory for the Apple TV.

While other third party game pads are absolutely working on iPads and iPhones. Think is a good time for Apple to launch it’s own game controller not just for the 2020 Apple TV but for all its devices.

With the 2020 Apple TV featuring a powerful chipset like the A12X Bionic, a user simply cannot rely on the regular remote to do some casual gaming, which could be one reason why Jioriku tweeted that a game controller looks fidelity.

Jioriku stated that the TV box will ship with a heatsink to properly cool the A12X Bionic in an earlier tweet, he doesn’t have a concrete release date for this unnamed game controller.

Jioriku also state there’s a possibility the announcement might happen at WWDC 2020 starting on June 22, but don’t put all your hope. But since, there could be some hardware announcements happening on a software-focused keynote such as the 2020 iMac redesign and Apple moving from Intel chips to its ARM chips, seeing a new game controller announcement may possibly happen.

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